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Posted on May 15, 2017 in Front Page, Latest News

Thank you to those who either attended the meeting last week and/or gave your thoughts by email. Your input is very much appreciated.

The outcome is that you wish the district to stay as one district and that the way forward is to look not only for a DC, but also to bolster/enhance the district team. The likely outcome is that there will be an interim team in place whilst we confirm and support those volunteers into post.

To that end I have attached a spreadsheet of district roles . Those with names against them are those who are currently in post and have indicated that they are happy to remain in post. We have already had some volunteers and nominations for a few of the posts and those have been duly noted, but rather than include them on the list now, would like more suggestions from a ‘clear(ish) playing field’. Please note that this list is not definitive or set in stone.

Also attached is the DC Application PackDC Application Pack from early Feb, which it would appear didn’t arrive in (m)any of your inboxes!!

Could I ask therefore, that you consider either yourselves or others who you consider suitable for any of these roles. Please either return an amended spreadsheet or just send names against roles to me by email.

These docs and role descriptions of some of these roles are here for reference:

DC Role Description ADC (Beavers) ADC (Scouts) ADC (Cubs) Chair – amended July 2015 Treasurer – amended September 2015 Secretary v3.3 amended September 2015 Exec member amended September 2015 ADC (Section) – amended July 2015 DESC – amended July 2015 DC Search Letter Feb17

Please do please contact me if you have any questions or queries.

Could you please return any thoughts/names by 6.00pm Monday 22nd May 2017.